Why Choose Safe Room Designs RV’s over Others

Why Choose Safe Room Designs RV’s over Others

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Make sure to check for roof leaks on New or Used RV’s, most roof leaks can not be detected upon visual inspection and that can be scary when you are spending a large amount of money. Leaks can cause the insulation & interior wood material of the roof to become wet, soft, and because the standard RV’s are built with Particleboard or OSB, this can lead to hidden mildew.

If you have a severe allergy to mold and mildew, this can cause headaches and other illnesses due to a long term repeated exposure. Hidden mold or mildew in an RV, even for a brief exposure period can cause severe sickness.

It is very important that you avoid places that might have mold and mildew. The RV dealerships usually offer to repair water damaged areas on the RV’s. if you buy a used RV, the cost can be more expensive than the value of the trailer. For the Curious buyer who wants to know the difference in construction between Safe Room Designs RVs, and the Standard built RV, before you make a major investment, please read below.

Standard RV construction, If You dig a little deeper and a few the things that an RV Dealer will not tell you.

-> 90% of all RVs have some type of rubber roof
-> Many are cheaply made of lightweight wood
-> Some higher-end models are made on an aluminum frame but still have a particle board roof and walls and the same rubber coating or cover on the roof
-> cheap insulation that holds moisture
-> they are mass-produced very quickly and all corners and edges are sealed with some type of sealant and most are shipped to dealers before the seals have even had a chance to set up properly
-> These seals must be checked each year for leaks and resealed
-> The roofing material has a life expectancy of about 10 years before replacement or extensive and costly repairs are needed.
-> It’s not a matter of if a traditional built RV will leak, it’s a matter of when and this came from the dealership manager himself.

A.You have to worry about maintaining roof and seals yearly
B.The standard RV is not built to last longer than 10 years

As a customer you will be amazed at the price of new supposedly better built RVs yet all still manufactured in essentially the same manner.

Safe Room Designs RV’s are exactly what the consumer is looking for. Safe Room Designs RV’s will surpass the leading RV Manufactures reputation and resale. They are solid, watertight and built to last and here is why ( see enclosed pictures and material details)

-> Solid lightweight steel or aluminum construction.
-> NO particle board walls
-> New insulation material, less likely to accumulate condensation and is mold resistant
-> Welded seams make the units watertight
-> No resealing needed annually
-> beautiful design for great views and lots of natural light which helps fight mold & mildew and unlike most RVs that are very dark inside
-> NO slide-outs that have motor issues and are prone to leaks early on
-> Like Airstream used to be, they are made to order, because they do not mass produce nor stock inventory, a big bonus is the customer gets to pick a layout
-> A far superior made unit for a similar price, in most cases, less than that of a new RV with comparable specs


Why this is not a Tiny Home? This is a great question and nobody knows the difference better than Safe Room Designs since they manufacture both!

The construction process is completely different between a Tiny home and an RV.

A few key points that make the South Beach RV Trailer so different from a “Tiny Home” instead of a true RV Travel Trailer. All Safe Room Design RV’s come with a VIN Number Certificates. Tiny Homes don’t come with VIN Numbers.

-> Tiny homes are not built for consistent travel
-> They are built on a trailer to be moved from manufacturer to location
-> Tiny homes are built using a wood frame construction just like a stick-built home, hence the word “tiny home”
-> A Tiny house has more of a house shape than a rectangle shape that can easily be pulled down the highway consistently at 70mph
-> They are designed to look like a home because essentially they are small a home, not an RV, and appeal to an entirely different market.
-> Tiny Homes don’t normally come with clean and dirty water tanks. All RV’s do.