Designs, Inspiration, and How-To on Shipping Container Pools.

Designs, Inspiration, and How-To on Shipping Container Pools.

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The US is well-known for its outdoor lifestyle, scorching hot weather, and abundance of swimming pools. As per the research, almost 10.4 million US people live in a house that has a swimming pool.  But with time, the traditional backyard pool is losing its popularity due to low cost, smaller and prefabricated options, like “Custom Container Pools”.

What is a custom container pool?

A shipping container pool is a pool made up of fiberglass dropped into a shipping container. The roof of the container has been removed

These prefabricated containers come with a filtration system, pumps, and all other piping infrastructures that are required. In another way, we can say that it is a ready-made pool that we can start using after it gets lowered onto pre-prepared footings, connected to a power supply, and filled with water.

In custom container pools, both 40 ft and 20 ft containers can be used. It depends on the space that is available in your yard.

Container pools are often fitted above the ground, where the shipping container corrugation is fitted. To hide the steel exterior of the pool, some owners plant around the area of the container. The customer container pool can also sit underground. For this, a hole is to be dug in the ground to insert the pool.

How to convert a shipping container to a custom container pool?

Converting a shipping container to a custom container pool is not that simple.  The shell of the pool needs to be fitted inside a container snugly. These pool shells are manufactured by professional container pool providers. They should have great experience in developing a range of molds to fit in various sizes of containers.

Apart from the shell, other pool requirements are pumps, piping, and infrastructure that are also manufactured in the unit. These are designed in a way to fit properly within a container footprint.

In the last, stairs and other safety features like the fence of the pool are also installed as a part of the custom container pools. Just like the shell, fences are built purposely for the safety of the people. These are built and installed by a company that has expertise in manufacturing container pools.

Unless you have significant expertise and skills in the installation of a swimming pool and servicing, it is not possible for you to build a container pool. You have to connect with the best and most reliable custom container pool company to build a shipping container pool from a scratch.

Looking for a custom container pool manufacturer in the US?

Are you looking for a custom container pools manufacturer in the US? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. With 100+ designs Safe Room Designs are the leading provider for container pools in the US. Every pool we build is completely customizable and pre-equipped with all the amenities you’ll ever need. So, whenever looking for a container, connect safe room designs without any double thought.