Life On The Water in a Tiny Houseboat

Life On The Water in a Tiny Houseboat

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If you like to live in a tiny home, but also want the freedom of enjoying your life in a boat, then this floating tiny houseboat would be the perfect solution for you. These Tiny houseboats are designed to be float on the water and are an ideal live-abroad home.

Do you know, where this idea of a tiny houseboat has come from? Actually, the design of tiny houseboats was inspired by Japanese brothel boats like those which you can find in Murotsu, Hyogo prefecture. In these areas, elongated design will allow the boat to pull up to the dock and allow passengers (only male) to board the boat, choose a room, and then are dropped off at the next port.

Now although, this tiny houseboat has been designed for the living of family and friends . Their recreation could not be done further from its seedy design inspiration. The tiny houseboat is a beautiful and fully functional house that has completely everything which a family requires.

In a houseboat, living spaces, dining space, bedroom, kitchen all are designed to fully capitalize on the mesmerizing and incredible views of surroundings. `Both the living room and bedroom have been designed to allow them to completely open up to the surroundings on a nice day. But they are also fully enclosed to prevent any mishappening from weather turn.

The tiny houseboat is off the grid. They generate power through the solar system. They also have tanks for storage of both fresh water and black/grey water. This tiny houseboat is designed to meet all the demands and requirements of the corrosive salt-water environment. They have drainage holes throughout the boat. It means that can get wet should waves and make their way into the boat without causing any damage.

The bathroom in this tiny house is far from the standard marine head and has a large shower, vanity, basin, and a macerating toilet. The bathroom has an opaque glass window for lightening in the room while maintaining privacy.

In addition to smaller sleeping quarters which have three bunk beds, there is also a large master bedroom at the after end of the boat. Like the living room, the master bedroom is designed to completely open up to the elements and the surrounding views. There’s ample storage space below the bed as well as a large wardrobe for clothes storage.

Apart from having a small sleeping quarter that has three bunk beds, there is also a large master bedroom at the end of the boat. Just like the living room, the master bedroom is also designed to open up to the beautiful views of the surroundings. There are ample of storage space below the bed and also have a large wardrobe for storage of clothes and other essentials.

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