Egg-Shell Pod Home

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How about creating more adventures with your living space? Safe Room Designs has expertise in constructing an Egg Shell Pod Home for many clients. The home accommodates every modern facility. It is cozy and functional. We offer the most competitive service rates. Consult our experienced team to clear your doubts.

Safe Room Designs Smart Mobile Egg-Shell House is a small rest hotel with built-in seating area for scenic tours, rest and vacations, outdoor entertainment,

The activity area, the sanitary area and the cloak area make full use of its small space, and the lounge area provides a soft bed for a family of three;

Built-in pale yellow warm-light LED light, so that its interior light is soft and warm, front and rear with large one-way glass, fully capture natural light, can be seen at night

Surrounding scenery, oversized marble counter-tops and full-size dressing glasses in the bathroom, a 24-hour hot and cold water system in the rain shower room;

Its dull appearance makes people shine, is a scenic attractions of all kinds of environment a beautiful scenery.

  • Easily Customizable
  • PreInstalled HVAC System

Egg-Shell Pod Home Quick Details:

• Length: 6.0m - 19’ 7”ft.
• Total width: 3.0m - 9’8”ft
• Height: 2.8m - 9’2”
• Front window: 1600mm - 5’3”ft.
• Rear window: 2520mm - 8’3”ft.
• Door width: 970mm - 3’2”ft.
• Suitable for: 3 people (2 large 1 small)
• Wind Mill Fan Emergency Generated Power
• Glass and steel housing
• Ventilation blinds
• Vents
• Bathroom marble countertop
• Hot and cold water system
• Shower system
• Bathroom infrastructure
• Toilet
• One-way tempered glass
• Interior glass and steel decorative surface
• Interior furniture
• Indoor lighting system
• Built-in tank
• TV
• Air conditioning system
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